Wabash Middle School Science Club

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Being In The Science Club

  1. Who can join the science club?

    The science club is open to any 7th and 8th grade student.

  2. What If I'm Involved In Sports, Can I Still Be In The Science Club?

    Yes!  The science club is year round.  Many of the members are involved in other various school activities and still participate in the science club.  Come when you are able. 

  3. Is There Any Cost To Be In The Science Club?

    Yes and no.  There is no cost to be a part of the science club meetings after school, however some trips that we take are longer and some cost is involved. 

  4. When Does The Science Club Meet?

    Meetings are Wednesday's after school from 3-4 p.m. in Mr. Evans' room.  7th and 8th graders alternate Wednesdays.  If the 7th grade meets one week then the 8th grade will meet the next week. 

  5. How Can I Find Out What Is Going On With The Science Club?

    Check out the calender section by clicking on the link to the left.

  6. What Does The Science Club Do?

    The science club participates in many hands on experiments during our meetings.  The club also offers exciting learning trips to local, regional, and national locations.  We visit state parks in Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky; head to museums in cities such as Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, Chicago, South Bend; participate in local community activities; and head to national parks in all areas of the country such as the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, and Acadia. 

  7. I'm A Parent, How Can Help With The Science Club?

    Parent volunteers are always welcome.  All parents need is a background check through Wabash City Schools.  Parents are especially needed to help during our various trips. 

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Summer Trips

  1. What Are The Summer Trips?

    The science club summer trips are offered as special learning opportunities for students.  Traveling to different locations throughout the country, students are immersed in cultural and scientific facts of the region. 

  2. How Long Are The Summer Trips?

    The trips usually last from 14-16 days during the month of June

  3. Where Does The Science Club Travel During The Summer Trips?

    Every odd year the science club visits the southwest USA, with the main focus on the Grand Canyon's cultural and scientific importance.  The even years the club either visits the northeast, southeast, or west/northwest parts of the country

  4. What Kind Of Activities Does The Science Club Do When On The Summer Trips?

    This depends on the region we travel to.  In the past the club has whitewater rafted, ziplined, hiked, visited national parks, explored caves, talked to Native American tribes, visited museums, went horseback riding, swam in the ocean, sat in natural hot springs, among others.

  5. What Is The Mode Of Transportation?

    Students travel by 15 passenger activity buses.  We also take along a van with a trailer to haul all the necessary equipment.

  6. Where Do You Sleep While On The Trip?

    As part of our adventure, we tent camp every night, usually as state or national parks, sometimes we will stay at locally owned or KOA campgrounds.  All campgrounds have plumbing and usually have a shower.  Other times extra activites such as swimming are available. 

  7. How Much Does It Cost?

    Depending on the activites offered during the trip the cost ranges from $250 - $350.  This includes all camping fees, activites, gas, and food (except for 4 times we eat out for which students need to bring their own money).  Many fundraisers are done to lessen the cost of the trip.  Money should not be the deciding factor to whether a student goes.  In certain cases special scholarships are available to deserving students who demonstrate financial need combined with scholastic merit.

  8. Who Can Be A Part Of The Summer Trips?

    The trips are open to any member of the science club.

  9. How Many Students Usually Go On The Summer Trips?

    To enhance learning opportunities for all participants numbers are kept to 20 and under

  10. How Can A Student Be A Part Of The Summer Trips?

    Students wishing to go on a summer trip

    1. Need to complete an application (given out the week before Christmas break), get references (2 from teachers and 1 from an adult that is not related to the student).  If the application is filled out well and the references show the student is capable, the the student will be accepted on a preliminary basis.

    2. After acceptance the student must participate in 2 fundraisers, not get any discipline refferals until the end of the school year, and pass the current grade.  If ANY of these are not met then the student is not able to go. 

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